How do you capture my customer’s email addresses?
The best way is to add an email capture form on your website where customers can sign up to receive special offers. Either we can add this or you can have your web designer do it. We also encourage you to solicit emails at your place of business and then add them through a form that we will provide.

Can I import my existing list of email addresses?
Yes, simply send us the list and we will take care of it.

Can I send promotional emails or just send emails asking customers to write reviews?
We encourage you to take advantage of the email marketing features of eRepManager by sending out monthly promotional messages to your customers. There is a $15 fee for us to create and distribute a mailer for you.

Will customers receive multiple emails asking them to write reviews?
Not unless you want them to. When a customer first signs up, eRepManager will send an email asking them to provide feedback at the popular review sites. They will not receive multiple requests.

Can I customize the email that will be sent to my customers?
Yes, we will provide a default template but you are free to make changes to it.

What if my business does not have any listing with Google or Yelp?
We can assist you with signing up for listings at these review sites.
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